About us

Introducing one of the most advanced metalworking businesses in the Netherlands

De Cromvoirtse metalworks is one of the most innovative metalworking specialists in the Netherlands. Over the past 41 years, De Cromvoirtse in Oisterwijk has developed into an important, reliable partner for the entire Dutch metalworking industry. We could not have achieved this without listening to our customers and investing in what our customers need at the right time. ‘You need to look years ahead and continue to invest,’ directors and owners Janwillem Verschuuren and Ronnie van den Hurk explain. ‘Only then can you be a market leader’. With these investments, metal- and steel-working specialist De Cromvoirtse in Oisterwijk has become a reliable household name in the metalworking industry for many years.

Automation at De Cromvoirtse metalworks

De Cromvoirtse has more then 9000 square metres for production. Whenever you place an order through our online portal, we immediately link the required material to the right machine. Robots bring the plates to the machine in a fully automated process. This is where the plates are processed into the products you ordered. Because De Cromvoirtse is one of the most advanced and automated metalworking businesses in the Netherlands, it is even possible to place an order in the evening or at the weekend. De Cromvoirtse processes your order immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Constant innovation at De Cromvoirtse

As a metal- and steel-working specialist, we are constantly focused on innovation. We keep fully abreast of the latest trends regarding automation and gladly share our expertise regarding industrial processing techniques. Smart Industry, LEAN, Industry 4.0 and Brainport Industries are some of the concepts involved. De Cromvoirtse is also an active partner in sharing knowledge and facilitating research. We are a proud ambassador of Smart Industry and member of Brainport Industries. Would you like to learn more about these organisations and what they offer? Click on the logos below to visit the corresponding websites.


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