Laser cutting

Quick and faultless laser cutting of aluminium, steel, and stainless-steel products at De Cromvoirtse.

Are you looking to cut your metal products with precision using laser-cutting solutions? Use our laser cutting services to cut your aluminium, steel or stainless-steel products at De Cromvoirtse. Our state-of-the-art sheet lasers and automated storage system ensure faultless laser-cut products and quick delivery.

Laser-cutting different metals at De Cromvoirtse

De Cromvoirtse has modern machines that can perform a variety of laser-cutting techniques. We can laser-cut sheet metal of up to two by four metres using a fully automated process. In addition to laser cutting full metal sheets, we can just as easily laser cut scraps of aluminium, steel, and stainless-steel sheets. Our fully automated storage system ensures we can reuse scrap material as efficiently as possible, significantly reducing the amount of waste produced and keeping laser-cutting costs low even for smaller orders. Good for your wallet!

The thickness of the metal sheeting that we can cut varies depending on the material. We can laser cut aluminium sheets up to 15 mm thick, whereas we can laser cut steel and stainless-steel sheeting up to 25 mm thick. And because our machines are fully automated, we can keep our delivery times short! This allows us to laser cut metal with the utmost precision in varying quantities and sizes with a quick turnaround.

Large stock of sheet metal for laser cutting solutions

De Cromvoirtse is the proud owner of a modern sheet metal factory and a warehouse with over 900 pallet spaces. This sheet-metal warehouse keeps many different sheet-metal products in stock. Thanks to our extensive stock of metal sheeting, we can immediately begin laser cutting and provide you with the required products in no time. Whether you want to cut aluminium, steel or stainless-steel products, you will have them delivered to your doorstep quickly thanks to our extensive stock.

Delivery times for laser-cut products and rush orders

After we have checked and approved your order, we can have your laser-cut products available within 48 hours. Would you like to have the metal products bent or processed further? Then we can deliver your order to your doorstep within five business days.

Do you have a rush order that requires metal laser cutting solutions? We will be happy to help you make arrangements. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

  • Quickly request a quote using our online portal.
  • High-precision laser cutting solutions.
  • Low cost laser cutting because we reuse scrap materials.
  • Short delivery times for laser-cut products.
  • Rush orders for laser cutting are possible upon request.
  • Minimal scratching with special robot arms.
  • A large selection of aluminium, steel and stainless-steel sheets in stock.
  • Seamless integration with bending and further processing.
  • Standard final check of laser-cut work.
  • Products are perfectly packaged and delivered.

Would you like to learn more about our metal laser-cutting solutions?

Would you like to learn more about our metal laser cutting solutions and what we can offer? Don’t hesitate to contact us or register at De Cromvoirtse Academy.


Check out our laser cutting machines in the video below.


Check out the specifications in the table below.

Stainless steel Aluminium Steel
Maximum size 4000x2000mm 4000x2000mm 4000x2000mm
Thickness 25mm max(= contour dependent) 15mm max(= contour dependent) 25mm max
Smallest hole diameter 0.5 x sheet thickness 0.7 x sheet thickness 0.5 x sheet thickness
Tolerances Depending on thickness and length, please enquire with your contact
Indicative delivery time 2 business days