Metal finishing

Tapping, countersinking, and deburring laser-cut products

Tapping and countersinking

Are you looking for a perfectly finished product? Then you’ve come to the right place at De Cromvoirtse! Once we have processed your materials in-house, you may want that extra finishing touch for added value. That is why we provide additional finishing services for your products. We can tap holes in your laser-cut products using professional equipment. The holes are first countersunk per the current standard before applying metric screw threads following your drawing’s specifications. If the hole only requires countersinking, we have the appropriate equipment in-house to meet your specifications.


Would you like a finished product with smooth edges? De Cromvoirtse offers a variety of deburring techniques for creating a perfectly finished product.

Time saver

Our machine ensures that stainless steel and aluminium products are finished to an even higher standard. This is particularly important in the food industry and other industrial sectors. This machine guarantees unsurpassed deburring and smoothing of flat, sheet-metal parts on all sides. The eight flap brushes brush the sheet metal parts at various angles as they are fed through the machine, resulting in an even, smooth, rounded edge. Of the eight brushes, four turn clockwise, and four turn anticlockwise so that all the corners and holes are processed and smoothed equally. This also allows us to deburr film-coated sheet metal without removing the film layer.

  • A perfectly finished product.
  • Single or double-sided finishing.

We can also deburr products on both sides upon request.

Edge rounding and oxide skin removal

Our deburring machine can round the edges of steel products up to 600 mm wide. Both contours and holes and notches are rounded. Rounding the cut side of the product leads to improved adhesion for any coating. After cutting the metal with oxygen, the oxide skin is removed from the cut contour. This results in cost savings as nitrogen cutting is no longer necessary.

Sanding drum

De Cromvoirtse has a rotary sanding drum with a drying installation that allows us to provide you with an extra high-quality finished product. The sanding drum removes sharp edges and subtly rounds the outside contour and hole patterns; the drying procedure creates a stain-free result. Only stainless steel and aluminium products smaller than 200 x 200 mm can be processed using this machine. Milled products with a protective film can also be processed effortlessly; the sharp edges and contours are treated while the film remains intact. The product surface may dull slightly because of the sanding drum, but the result is an even finish. Please note that any engravings on the product will become fainter and more difficult to read as a result of this process.


Check out our metal finishing in the video below


Check out the specifications in the table below

Note: The specs listed below are paired with the specific types of material.

Material Size Notes
Tapping Stainless steel – steel – aluminium Max. 1000x600mm Min. 2mm thick M4-M5-M6-M8-M10-M12-M14-M16-M20
Countersinking Stainless steel – steel – aluminium Max. diameter: to 26mm at an angle of 90˚ Min. 2mm thick
Deburring Stainless steel – aluminium Height: min. 1mm to max. 25mm Width: min. 50mm to max. 1350mm Length: min. 50mm to max. 4000mm Bottomside will be deburred if not instructed otherwise. Max. 45 kg
Edge rounding and oxide skin removal Steel Height: min. 1mm to 25mm. Width: max. 600mm Steel only, Max. 45 kg
Sanding drum Stainless steel – aluminium Max. 200x200mm Also suitable for products with foil
Bending the edge Stainless steel – steel – aluminium Max. diameter hole: t0 26mm Min. 1mm thick Facet of around 1mm
Shipping time To be determined