Sheet metal bending

High-quality sheet metal bending solutions, fast delivery.

Are you looking for a business specialised in providing quick and precise metal bending solutions? Then you have come to the right place at De Cromvoirtse! The metal bending process has been almost completely automated, allowing us to carry out the most complex bending solutions with a very quick turnaround time. We do not distinguish between small-scale and large-scale series of metal sheets for our bending solutions.

Efficient metal bending services

When you engage De Cromvoirtse to provide your sheet metal bending solution, our calculations are fully automated to produce perfect results. In addition, simulations are carried out beforehand to test the feasibility of your design, no matter how complex it may be. The result is the best quality metal bending solution with as little material loss as possible. This not only guarantees a short turnaround time, but also makes our prices affordable, even for the smallest sheet metal bending orders. The machines that are used to bend metal meet strict requirements. In short, if you choose to bend your sheet metal at De Cromvoirtse, you will be able to take advantage of both a low price and a short delivery time!

Requesting quotes for and ordering bending solutions online

You can order our sheet metal bending solutions quickly and easily online. After you have uploaded your 2D and 3D files to our online portal, the metal bending process is automatically calculated, and you will receive a quotation by mail almost immediately. Do you not have a computer-aided drawing tool available? No problem. You can create simple metal bending products online using our WebCad tool.

  • Receive quotes for metal bending solutions 24/7 via our online portal.
  • Even the smallest metal series can be bent for a low price.
  • High-quality, fully-automated metal bending solutions.
  • Designs are feasibility tested in advance.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • Capacity overview for metal sheet bending available.
  • Click here for an overview of our capacity for metal sheet bending.

Check our metal sheet bending capacity

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Would you like to learn more about metal bending solutions at De Cromvoirtse?

Do you have any questions about ordering your metal bending solution from De Cromvoirtse or about the many other services that we offer? Don’t hesitate to contact us or register at De Cromvoirtse Academy.


Check out our metal sheet bending in the video below